Traveling to Japan: Things to Consider

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It seems that almost every traveler has a dream of traveling to Japan. This country offers a perfect combination of both modern life and traditional life. There are so many things that you can enjoy in Japan, such as the famous, gorgeous Sakura flowers, fun theme parks, temples, and many more. Moreover, Japanese culture is surely interesting to explore and study.

Since the culture and lifestyle in this country is probably different from your country, there are several things that you have to consider when you want to visit Japan. Below are some tips when traveling to Japan.

Required Documents

You have to complete and submit some necessary documents when you want to visit Japan. First, you need to prepare a visa as a permit to enter Japan. You can opt for applying a visa yourself or via travel agents. You should complete it by attaching your passport, visa application for completed with your photo, copy of your ID card, and copy of your student card if you are a student. When you apply for a Japanese visa, you should also attach your ticket reservation and itinerary.

It takes around 4 days to 2 weeks to apply for a visa. So, apply for it days or even weeks before your scheduled departure. There are 2 types of visa that you can apply, which are a conventional visa and e-visa. If you are traveling to Japan alone, you can apply for a single visa to the Embassy of Japan. This visa is valid only for 14 days. Or, you can apply for an E-Visa that is valid for 3 years.

The Time

Japan is a sub-tropical country. So, it has 4 seasons and each season determines the atmosphere and experience when you travel to the country. So, consider whether you want to explore Japan during winter, summer, spring, or fall. If you want to witness the beauty of Sakura flowers, the best time to visit Japan is during spring, which is from March to May. If you are traveling to Japan in winter, then you should explore North Japan where you can visit ski resorts. Or, you can visit Hokkaido where you can enjoy warm natural springs.

Tourist Spots

You must be really excited about what tourist attractions that you have to visit when you travel to Japan. If you want to see and explore Japanese culture, you should visit Kyoto Imperial Palace, Asakusa Shrine, and other shrines. These tourist spots keep the Japanese culture really well so that they are the best place to visit if you love to learn different cultures. If you want to enjoy and see how the modern life goes in Japan, visit Tokyo as it is a metropolitan city in the country.

In Tokyo, you can enjoy and witness the crowd and advanced technology. But if you prefer natural tourist destinations, you can visit beaches and mountains in Japan. Do not miss hiking the famous Fuji Mountain.

The Food

The next thing you need to consider when you are traveling to Japan from the US is the food. You can enjoy a lot of various, tasty food in Japan, from meat, fish, fruits, to vegetables. You can opt for enjoying Japanese food in fancy restaurants or local food stalls. But, do not miss trying the street food. If you are a muslim, do not forget to ask the seller whether the food they serve is halal or not. Things go the same if you are a vegetarian. It will be better if you look for recommendations and reviews about Tokyo Japanese restaurants you should visit in Japan.

Internet Connection

When you are traveling to Japan, you surely want to capture your moments and post it on your social media. So, internet connection is a must. One of the traveling to Japan things to know is you need to rent WiFi to get connected to the internet. One of the popular WiFi rentals in Japan is Ninja WiFi. This WiFi rental becomes a favorite since it is affordable and the rental process is easy. Ninja WiFi is a wireless network that covers all regions in Japan and you can use it for up 10 devices.

Public Transportation

If you want to feel like a local, you are suggested to take public transportation when you explore Japan. This is also a useful way if you are on a budget and want to save money. The Japan government provides various comfortable public transportation that everyone can enjoy. For example, the subway. In order to be able to use Japanese subway, you need to have Tokyo Subway Ticket that you can buy at airports, hotels, tourist information centers, or travel agencies.

Travelers can also use Pasmo or Suica, which are an e-card. You can use this e-card to take a bus or train. When you are taking a train, subway, or other public transportation, make sure you follow the line. Do not ever overtake the queue. As you know, Japan is a country with strict rules. Always follow the rules and regulations there during your vacation in the country.

The Budget

Though Japan is known for its high, pricey living cost, it does not mean you have to spend a lot of money traveling in Japan. It depends on your lifestyle and traveling style. You must be curious about how much does a trip to Japan cost. Things that differentiate the amount of cost for your vacation in Japan is determined by the airline you use, accommodation, and food. If you are on a budget, find an affordable airline and book the flight ticket months before your scheduled departure.

Instead of staying in a hotel, hostel will be more affordable. Moreover, eating in small local restaurants or food stalls will cost you less money than fancy restaurants, of course. Also, do not forget to prepare a budget for mobility. Taking public transportation is more suggested than taking a taxi or rent a vehicle if you are on a budget. Are you ready to traveling to Japan?

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