The Ways You Can Do To Make Frugal Kitchen Remodel

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You can be lazy to cook since the kitchen is not well maintained. If so, repairing the kitchen is the main step. But you don’t have enough money. You can follow the tips for the frugal kitchen remodel.

Remodeling the kitchen is simple but requires careful planning. Moreover, with a limited budget, saving costs is the best way.

The planning starts from the budget breakdown to the desired concept. Likewise, a kitchen remodel involves many parties, from interior designers to design layouts to contractors for physical work.

Frugal Kitchen Remodel

You certainly don’t want your funds to run out for repairing this kitchen. Here are some tips so that you save money in remodeling your old kitchen.

1.   Preparing Appropriate Budget

When you want to repair an old kitchen, the first thing you have to do is calculate the budget carefully. This is also one of the requirements for you to realize a frugal kitchen remodel.

Determining the right budget is not easy, especially if you have to be disciplined with the budget you make. However, if you want to save on budget, you should be able to do it.

To remodel your kitchen, there are two options you can choose from. Firstly, if you intend to sell your house, then kitchen repairs should be limited to 15% of the total house price.

However, if you don’t want to sell it and stay in your house forever, you should design your kitchen as comfortably as possible.

2.   Knowing the Breakdown of Remodel Costs

Another important thing you need to know in remodeling your old kitchen is the breakdown of the costs you spend.

This is important to know so that you can reduce costs as low as possible but still get maximum results.

For kitchen remodeling, craftsmen are the biggest costs, reaching 30% of the total, followed by the cost of procuring a kitchen set, etc.

You must calculate carefully for each expense. You should not spend your entire budget. Just save 20% of the total budget for incidentals.

3.   Do It Yourself to Save Cost

Since hiring carpenters is very expensive, for work that you can do yourself, you should do it yourself. This also helps you to apply the frugal kitchen remodel tips.

Do It Yourself to Save Cost
Do It Yourself to Save Cost

Some light work that you can do yourself, for example painting walls or repainting old furniture to make it look shiny again.

To foster the spirit of cooking in the kitchen, if you like making handicrafts, display your paintings or art creations in the kitchen.

4.   Don’t be tempted to Buy Expensive Furniture

The most difficult part is avoiding purchases. Moreover, in the mass media, there are many interesting advertisements about the latest kitchen set.

A mother always wants her kitchen to look modern and eye-catching. So that many of them dare to spend big money to make their dreams come true.

Of course, this is not a wise move when you are trying to reduce costs for the purchase of non-primary goods.

To remodel a look-attractive kitchen in a cost-effective way, you can just focus on the kitchen model that you want.

You don’t need to add to your kitchen decor with too many pieces of furniture. Make it as simple as possible and adapt it to your cooking needs.

5.   Choose Timeless Design

Choosing a design is also one way you can do to have a frugal kitchen remodel.

Choose Timeless Design
Choose Timeless Design

For design choices, if you are not good at it, you can consult an interior designer for a style choice that fits your kitchen space.

For kitchen colors, generally use neutral colors like earth tones. Moreover, if you have plans to sell your house in the next few years, this color choice is perfect.

6.   Suitable Kitchen Decorations

For those of you who like a colorful kitchen atmosphere, you can make a suitable decoration. Decorative elements are not only eye-catching but also make you more excited about cooking.

Suitable Kitchen Decorations
Suitable Kitchen Decorations

More importantly, you have applied frugal kitchen remodel. Adding kitchen decor will look modern without spending a lot of money.

There are several decorative elements you can try, ranging from words written on the walls, pictures or writing displayed in frames, or cutting board hangers that contain unique writing.

For a fresh and natural impression, add real or artificial plants.

7.   Lighting in the Kitchen

Lighting is also one way to change your old kitchen space to look new.

Apart from supporting activities in the kitchen, lighting can also be used as a decorative element.

To make the kitchen look even better, you can use spotlights at several points so that the display spots in the kitchen are clearly visible.

Also, use hidden lamps in between cabinets that make your kitchen trendier.

Those are some ways to make your old kitchen new again by applying the principle of the frugal kitchen remodel. You can still save money; however, the results are guaranteed to be satisfactory. Just try it yourself.

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