Simple Ways How Save Money At Home to Make Better Life

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The increase in the price of basic commodities has made many housewives have to be smart in managing money and saving money. To save money, you can wisely do various ways of how to save money at home.

The ability to manage finances properly will make household monthly expenses safer and more controllable. Saving daily money also makes the family’s financial health healthier.

Especially for households who have barely enough income, frugality must be done to avoid “dig the hole to cover the hole” – a local term that means having to go into debt to cover their daily needs.

How Save Money At Home

There are many ways if your household really wants to live frugally. Here are simple tips that you need to run.

1.   Make Shopping Plan Note

You can start a frugal life by making a shopping plan note. This method can save money on shopping because it can easily remember what items have been used up and need to be purchased.

Your shopping plan will also prevent you from living extravagantly and consumptively. How save money at home means that you can avoid buying things you don’t really need.

Make Shopping Plan Note
Make Shopping Plan Note

2.   Make List of Weekly Cuisine Menu

Housewives can also do this method to save money on shopping. Why should it be weekly? It is because you can manage the food ingredients required for the next 7 days.

Buying goods for one week means you buy more groceries. That means you will get cheaper groceries than buying small quantities or retail.

3.   Separate Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Expenditures

How save money at home is to separate the items to be purchased according to time periods, for example daily, weekly, and monthly.

The goal is that the items purchased are in accordance with the durability of the goods. Consider the examples below:

  • Daily grocery shopping generally contains a shopping list for perishable ingredients. For example, such as vegetables, bread, tofu, fruits, etc. You can also use daily spending money to buy-side dishes outside the home.
  • Weekly shopping contains groceries that can last up to one week. For instance, eggs, herbs, instant food, meat, and other ingredients.
  • Monthly shopping contains durable groceries, such as rice, cooking oil, flour, and toiletries.

4.   Compare Prices before Purchasing

How to save money at home can also be done by comparing prices before buying the items you need.

This way is rather troublesome, for example, comparing the prices of goods of the same type but different brands or different locations of purchase.

Make sure, you buy the item at the cheapest price but have the same quality as the more expensive item.

Compare Prices before Purchasing
Compare Prices before Purchasing

5.   Take Advantage of Discounts

Hunting for discounts is a way to save money at home that you can do. Many housewives are hunting for discounts on dates near payday. You can use this moment as a way to save money on shopping.

To shop for household needs, you can hunt for discounts at the nearest supermarket or minimarket.

To ensure the prices of discounted items, you can visit the official supermarket or minimarket website. This is important so that you don’t waste time having to shop around looking for discounted items.

6.   Using Electronic Items As Needed

How to save money at home not only reduces spending money but you can also do it by using electronic items as needed. By saving electricity, your monthly electricity bill will not increase sharply.

Make sure, use electronic devices as necessary and remove all electricity after using them.

7.   Use Sufficient Water

You not only need to save electricity usage but also save water. Water generally uses a source of electrical energy, so it is one way to save money on shopping.

Imagine if your house is hit by a water crisis, of course, you have to buy a clean water supply? It will make your monthly expenses soar.

Use Sufficient Water
Use Sufficient Water

8.   Use Public Transportation

Using public transportation can also be a way to save your money. Using public transportation when traveling will help you save on monthly expenses as well.

Compare when you travel by a private vehicle such as a car with the quite expensive fuel.

You are not only working on how save money at home but have also participated in reducing traffic jump and pollution.

9.   Reducing Credit Card Usage

The last effort you can do to save money at home is to reduce the use of credit cards when shopping. Using a credit card unwise will make you trapped in a wasteful life.

With the various conveniences obtained, the use of a credit card can make your shopping exceed the planned budget.

It is recommended to use a credit card for emergency needs, such as to buy a broken washing machine, repair costs for the refrigerator, etc.

A credit card is like a double-edged knife. If used wisely, it can help your financial health. On the other hand, unwise use of a credit card will mess up your financial plan.

The ways of how to money at home; if done right, will make your finances healthier. And, of course, you will avoid stress every time you come to the end of the month. Good Luck!

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