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When we receive our paycheck or the income from selling our product, most of us have a similar feeling. We have an urge to spend that money as we want. It feels that the money we received is the compensation for our hard work and sacrifice for a whole month of working. So, it is our right to use it as we please. But, that’s a wrong thought. Once you receive your paycheck or money from selling your product, you only need to do one thing, Saving Money.

Why Do We Have to Save Our Money?

Why we should Saving Money for the future when we can spend it today? You may have this question lingering in your mind. And, it does seem to make sense. You have something you want to buy after you get the money, right? However, saving your money will give you more than spending all or most of them at the same time.

For example, when you want to buy something new, like a car, house, or other items that you can’t afford today, the only way to get the money is by saving it little by little. You can take a loan. But, the debt you will get will only become an extra burden to your finances. In short, Saving Money will give you freedom. Freedom where you can spend it to buy anything that you want in the future.

Furthermore, saving money also gives you financial security. Kara Perez, the founder of Bravely Go said this. By saving money, you will have enough budgets to spend whenever you want. You won’t need to face unexpected expenses and emergency financial situations in the future. The money you saved will be the safety net for all kinds of financial situations.

Moreover, you will also face various situations and risks in the future that require enough money to deal with that situation. Therefore, Saving Money is also a method to calculate the risk of your business, work, and life. It means you are ready and prepared to face that risk because you have the tool to solve it.

Now, after you know why you should save your money, there is one thing you have to do. You need to start to do it. For that reason, we have several tips you can follow to start your Saving Money plan.

Tips to Save Your Money for Future

Before we move to the Money saving tips, you must understand that these tips will only work, if you do it with discipline and determination. If you give up in the middle of the road, you won’t get anything but a financial problem. Let’s see what kind of things you can do to save your money.

–      Make the budget plan

Write down all your expenses and income. Knowing where you spend your money and how you get it to help you a lot to plan your budget. You can do it every year and keep updating it with the new entry. That will help you to stabilize your finances. Once you do that, you will have extra cash you can save for the future.

–      Pay off your debt

When you still have a debt, your extra cash will go into the expense to pay that debt. Therefore, ensure that you clear all your debt. Prioritize the small debt, such as the debt you get from your credit card. When you finish all these small debts, you will have room to breathe and you can start Saving Money. If you can do it regularly, you will also have enough funds to pay your bigger debt, such as home loans, vehicles, and others.

–      Open a bank account to save your money

Saving Money can be done in various ways. You can invest your money in a valuable asset. But, for immediate usage in the future, a bank is the best choice. Choose a healthy and reputable bank, so you won’t get any problems in the future. Once you open the account in that bank, you can start to save your money there. In the future, when you need money fast, you can withdraw it from your account.

–      Control your spending

Do not forget to control how you are going to use your money. Mostly, the financial problem comes from impulse spending. You can’t control what you want to buy. What you see is what you want, need, and then buy. Therefore, we mentioned earlier that for these Saving Money tips to work, it depends on you. So, if you can simplify your needs and wants, we believe you will have extra money to save. That way you can spend it whenever you “really” need it. You may have trouble applying it. But, if you have a Weekly savings plan or annual financial plan, it will be much easier to do.

–      Keep yourself away from poverty mentality

Even though we said you should control your spending, it doesn’t mean you have to put a strict limit on your money spending. You can’t try to live frugally, consume a tiny percentage of your money, and even reject anything that you feel you don’t need. That will only give you a poverty mentality, which is not good to build your life.

Instead, focus on how you earn money. Then, concentrate on saving your money and making the investment. Of course, you should control your spending. But, you also need to reward yourself for your hard work. As long as you have a Saving Money plan for your future, you can still have fun with your money.


Saving Money is not that difficult to do, especially after you understand how important it is. Prepare everything and train yourself to not overspending. Once you can do that, you will have the best financial condition for your entire life. No need to worry anymore about your future. Everything will be covered with the money that you saved before. Then, you can live financially happy ever after.

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