Frugal Male Fashion: Tips for Frugal Man

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Something that might be hard to do by a male is finding cheap fashion to update their wardrobe. Do you feel the same way? Frugal male fashion seems hard to do, but you need to find the way, isn’t it?

Thus, you can live frugally when you can reduce the cost of the clothes you wear. If you have this issue, you can check some tips below that would help you live frugally by reducing fashion costs.

Knowing What You Need

Before you buy some new clothes, you should know what you need first. Why do you need new clothes when you still have a lot in your wardrobe? 

Make a priority of your needs to make you more frugal. For example, you need a new shirt for work because the old one is torn or the color is faded, and so on.

When you go shopping, you need to look for a shirt, not other things. Sometimes, when we go shopping, we see a lot of things, and suddenly we buy them even unconsciously. 

This is one of male fashion advice, make a list of priorities, then buy what you need the most, not what you want. By doing this, you won’t spend money on something unuseful. 


Nowadays, thrift shopping is popular because you can find a good quality item at a reasonable price. So, you can be more frugal without overruling the value of things. 

However, buying second-hand things does not always mean you are cheap. But, you try to take advantage of goods that are still fit for use at a lower price but by what is needed.

It is better than trying to find a brand new one but overpriced even though you need it. Because sometimes there’s a man who buys clothes but never uses them. 

Considering The Cashback 

If you are surfing an online shop, you may find lots of promos such as cashback. Cashback is slightly better than discount or sale. Why?

Because you can have your money back after buying things, when items are on sale or discount, the seller markup the price first and gives a deal. 

So, you just spend the same amount as the regular price. But if you get cashback, you pay for the regular price but still have some money back to you. 

Managing Your Budget

The main point of frugal male fashion suits is looking fashionable without breaking your wallet. How to do it? 

Simply, you should manage your budget first before buying new clothes. Write down how many budgets you have for clothes and other things you need. 

Then buy clothes according to a predetermined budget. It would be even better if you get a promo like cashback. 

Having a Plan 

Frugal male fashion basics you must know always have a plan on everything you buy, including clothes. If you go shopping without having a plan, you must be buying lots of things you do not need and over the budget. 

It is because you are confused about what is your priority and massive buying everything you want and see. 

So, before going shopping, make sure you have a plan of what to buy and stick to it. Don’t buy other things you do not need at the moment even though you might need them in the future. 

Online Shopping

To reduce your spending on fashion, why don’t you try online shopping? Sometimes, the online store gives a lower price than the offline store with the same quality. 

online shoping

Also, you can check the price on several stores only by scrolling your phone. You can find clothes with the best values and the best price. 

Not only that, you may get some promos on online stores and can reduce your spending more for saving. 

Buying Expensive Clothes in a Long Run

Being a frugal man does not mean you always buy cheap things. You can buy an expensive one but consider it as a long-run thing. 

But, if you are a type of bored person, you better buy the cheap one because you can buy new clothes afterward when you are bored. 

When you decide to buy expensive clothes, it means you can’t buy them often. Always keep this in mind, buy something you need, not what you want, buy things by value over the price. 

If you have that mindset, you will always try to manage your budget and buy things by considering the budget and saving as much as possible. 

These all are the tips on frugal male fashion that you can try on frugal living.

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