Find Out Top 8 Helpful Tips on How Save Money for College

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Let’s face it. As students, we have to know how to save money for college.

You still have to pay tuition fees and living expenses, and they are not cheap. So, it is time to learn how to organize money and develop responsible spending habits.

Let’s not take a student loan for granted if you don’t want to spend your entire life paying debts. Several simple ways to save money in college will help you to survive.

8 Tips on How to Save Money for College

So, how do save money for college tuition and living expenses? I have compiled 8 essential tips that you can follow.

1.      Learn Budgeting and Track Your Expenses

Let’s admit that if we don’t take notes on expenses, we will not realize how fast we spend our money. In the middle of the month, you may leave just a little in the wallet and then ask, “When did I use all of the money?”

It is time to learn from books, YouTube, or take a seminar to know about how to save money for college as a teenager. Track your expenses and don’t let yourself spend without a plan. Some financial planner applications are free to use, or you can simply note them in a book.

Learn Budgeting and Track Your Expenses how to save money for college
Learn Budgeting and Track Your Expenses

2.      Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle means you only live with things that you need.

We should admit that most of the time, the desire to buy new clothes, new shoes, or new home decoration is there. You may think it’s ok to buy some new fashion items every one or two months. However, can you imagine how many new items that you have in a year or two?

After all, those things will be piled high in your room. One day you will start to question, do you really need them? When you are lacking money, you will regret buying those things.

Buy only the useful things. That’s how to save money for college.

3.      Apply for a Scholarship

Getting a scholarship will help you pay for some (or even all) of the cost of attendance. However, not all students are interested in applying for scholarships. Some scholarships are based on financial need, but there are so many merit-based scholarships that you can apply for.

Merit scholarships are offered by private companies, colleges, universities, and educational organizations, and many more. Find a scholarship that matches your eligibility. If you don’t get it, don’t get tired of applying for the others.

Apply for a Scholarship how to save money for college
Apply for a Scholarship

4.      Get a Part-Time Job

How save money for college successfully? Earn more money.

If your college allows you to work as a part-timer, do it. It gives you more money to save, having a part-time job also trains you to manage time and be more professional.

5.      Cut Out Some College Expenses

After cutting out some living expenses, you need to manage the college expenses too.

Borrow or rent books from the library instead of buying new ones. If you decide to buy, choose used textbooks and sell them when you finish learning. Print on campus whenever it is available.

6.      Use Public Transportation

Need to know more on how to save money for college?

Don’t force yourself to buy a car. You will spend more money on gasoline and maintenance.

Live near the campus so that you can walk whenever you need to attend a class. Even if you have to go a bit far, use public transportation.

Some states may apply a student pass for public transportation, such as subways, busses, and many more. You will save a lot!

Use Public Transportation how to save money for college
Use Public Transportation

7.      Use Free or Discounted Facilities

One of the important money-saving tips for university students is using free or discounted facilities.

Some colleges and universities offer the students to use the campus gym or swimming pool for free. Use the opportunity to stay fit without spending more.

Bring your student ID card and show it to get student discounts in many places. Many restaurants, theme parks, shops, book stores, and other public places offer discounts for students.

8.      Be Mindful on Student Loan Borrowing

In the end, even if you need a student loan, be mindful when you are using it. It is awesome if you can pay it off as soon as possible after you graduate. Be aware of how much interest that you have to pay.

Be Mindful on Student Loan Borrowing how to save money for college
Be Mindful on Student Loan Borrowing


Whether your parents help you with the college tuition or you struggle to pay them yourself, those tips will give you advantages. Learning how to save money for college can let you build self-esteem and feel better about education.

Are you ready to manage your money for college?

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