5 Common Expenses to Encounter on How Much Money to Save To Buy A House

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Are you planning to buy your own dream house in the near future? Wondering how much money to save to buy a house would be a smart move to help you be ready for everything.

You need to understand that there are a lot of hidden expenses you may overlook when buying a house. Thus, you have to prepare and organize everything well beforehand.

When it comes to buying a new house, you need to learn more about some expenses to cover such as down payment, closing costs, mortgage insurance, etc. However, once the decision of buying a house is settled, the first thing you need to deal with would be paying the down payment.

Let us dig in more on this particular down payment and other necessary expenses to cover when buying a new home.

General Expenses to Figure out on How Much Money Save to Buy A House

In order to help you be able to end up buying a house in an appropriate way, you need to calculate and carefully organize everything in advance. Let us take a look at the following potential expenses you need to prepare when determining how much money save to buy a house:

1.   Down Payment

Down payment is the amount of money you pay in advance when closing your home loan. The amount of a down payment may vary given to many aspects. The ideal one would be at least 20% of the house’s actual price.

Having a down payment lower than 10% could be a disadvantage for you. That number will have you pay more on fees and interests. Even though a 20% down payment is surely a pretty high amount of money, you can find a way to afford it; e.g., by borrowing money from a Bank.

However, you need to keep in mind the total cost to come to you. That is why you need to get prepared for every single payment that comes with buying a new house.

Take a glimpse of what a down payment is in the following:

  • Paying for your down payment means that you have already made an investment
  • Proofing to your lender that you are a serious and reliable potential buyer
  • Help you ease your mind a bit for securing your dream house
  • The right amount of down payment will help you to pick a shorter mortgage. This way, you will be able to free yourself from your debt sooner.

2.   Closing Costs

Closing costs are payments you make in return for the services offered in helping you close the deal on your desired house. These payments may include taxes, cover fees as well as administrative expenses to proceed with your home-owning process.

Questioning how much money to save to buy a house in this particular area is crucial. Initially, you will have to pay 2 to 5% of the total mortgage value of your house.

3.   Fee for Appraisal and Inspection

You will have to make your would-be house being inspected and appraised at a certain amount of expenses called appraisal and inspection fees. This way, the lender will likely agree to deal with your mortgage. Generally, you need to spend $300-400 for this particular fee.

4.   Moving Expenses

Have to deal with this expense soon after you are about to move to your new house. You can rent a moving truck to help you transport all your belongings to your new place. You can also hire a moving company to save you from trouble. This activity will likely cost more than $300.

5.   Payments for Mortgage

This part of how much money save to buy a house hidden expenses would be amongst your greatest considerations. When it comes to the monthly mortgage you need to realize that you should never let yourselves pay for more than one-fourth of your monthly income.

Thus, you need to do your math properly in order to come up with a reasonable number for this mortgage. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is recommended to help you save plenty of bucks compared to the 30-year one.

Here is an example of the table of expenses to help you prepare on how much save money to buy a house based on the above calculations:


Price of the House


Costs charged to Buyers House Prices


Down Payment $29,000 20%
Closing Costs $5,800 4%
Appraisal & Inspection Fees $580 0.4%
Moving Expenses $870 0.6%
Total $36,250 25%

Aside from the above-mentioned potential fees you need to prepare, you also need to consider saving money on your home maintenance, repairs, and renovations. These particular expenses tend to be higher than the ones you set. Make sure that you calculate everything well for your best benefit.

So, are you ready to make your big purchase right now? Hopefully, all the above information on how much money to save to buy a house will help you prepare for your best decision in buying your new home. Make sure that you only choose the top and reliable real estate agents for your best benefits.


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