8 Awesome Tips on How to Have a Fantastic Frugal Wedding

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Are you thinking about having a frugal wedding for your unforgettable moment? A wedding should be one of the most beautiful days in your life. However, you do not need to break the bank to create amazing memories.

Getting married is an important milestone. Instead of making you broke after the ceremony, a wedding should reflect who you are and your values. Therefore, a frugal wedding is a good idea that you can adopt.

8 Tips on How to Have a Fantastic Frugal Wedding

Many people have adopted the idea of being frugal for their wedding, and you can do it too! Here are some essential tips for doing it.

1.      Choose the Right Venue

The first thing that you should think about is where you are going to hold the wedding. Most ordinary weddings spend the highest cost on a venue. Choosing one of the various frugal wedding venues is the most important aspect of spending less money for the wedding.

Choose the Right wedding Venue
Choose the Right Wedding Venue

If it is possible, choose a free location to hold the ceremony. You can hold an outdoor party in a rural area with stunning scenery. If you have no free access to any venue, you can choose to marry in a church where you are a member or rent an affordable city hall.

2.      Make a Guest List

Keep your guest list very low. Ask yourself, do particular people have to be there for your wedding? Having a private party with only less than 50 friends and family is a good idea. You can spend real time with your guests who know you really well.

3.      Create a Fabulous Look with the Best Dress

I know having a designer dress for your special moment sounds amazing. However, a wedding dress can cost a lot. You will be more than delighted if you can find a friend or family who can sew and make a custom wedding dress for you.

Create a Fabulous Look with the Best Dress
Create a Fabulous Look with the Best Dress

You can get frugal wedding dresses easily by buying any beautiful white dress on clearance.

However, if you want to have a high-end wedding dress, consider hiring it out instead of buying it.

4.      Design Amazing Invitations

One of the frugal wedding ideas is to design and make your own invitations. You just need to use Android applications to design a wedding invitation. There are many beautiful templates that you can choose from.

Print the invitations yourself if you have a home printer. If you don’t have one, you can go to a printing shop and let it do the magic.

5.      Keep Food and Beverage Costs Low

People come to your wedding to wish you the best moment in life. Treat the guest with delicious food, but do the catering yourself, or hire a friend or family-owned restaurant.

Keep Food and Beverage Costs Low
Keep Food and Beverage Costs Low

6.      The Music, Photos, and Videos

Hiring a band or a professional DJ can cost you a lot, but you still need some music to play. Try to find a friend who can be a DJ at your wedding for a good price. Finding a good entertainer is still necessary for frugal wedding reception ideas.

Don’t hesitate to shop around for a professional photographer or videographer. Their work needs to be amazing since photos and videos help you embrace memories for a long time.

When you hire a photographer or videographer, do not just take a full package that usually comes at a high price. Hire those who offer an hourly rate. Ask them to take photos of the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and some other parts of the reception.

7.      Spend Less on the Bouquet

Flowers bouquets from the florists can be costly. You can save more money by buying bulk flowers wholesale and invite family and friends to create bouquets together.

Spend Less on the Bouquet
Spend Less on the Bouquet

Another idea is to use fake flowers. If you or your family have crocheting skills, you can create DIY flower bouquets.

8.      Get Finest Decorations

You can save more money by making DIY decorations. Wooden hearts, glued fake flowers, mason jars, fairy lights, just be creative. If you need more items to decorate, buy used ones, borrow them from friends, or rent them.

When you are shopping for decoration items, make sure you already have a concept in your mind. It is essential to make sure that the things you have purchased will add value to your whole decoration.

Those are some important tips on how to have a frugal wedding. Plan your perfect day without breaking the bank, and make sure you have more money to save than to spend. It will be better to allocate money for your future rather than spend it on extravagant parties.

Are you ready to prepare for your wedding?

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