10 Practical Tips How to Live More Frugal

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The ease of shopping sometimes makes many people uncontrollable to make purchases. Therefore it takes self-control to hold back the purchase. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how to live more frugal.

Many of them are trapped in consumerism. Controlling finances better is actually essential so as not to become wasteful. It would be best if you learned to live frugally. Then, how to live frugally?

A good way to start living frugally is to implement strategies slowly but steadily. Do not forget, and you must be disciplined to carry out what you have planned before.

How to Live More Frugal

There is a saying, “many roads lead to Rome.” Here are 10 life-saving tips and strategies to help you start a new path.

1.   Needs vs. Wants

The first tip on how to live more frugal is to reduce expenses. You do it by shopping based on your needs, not your wants.

Shop for items you will definitely use every month. Don’t put a shopping list just because you want it on the priority list.

Remember, you can still live without going on vacation once a month. But you can’t live by eating only once a month. This is very different, right?

needs vs wants
needs vs. wants

2.   Looking for Cheap Vacations

However, if you still insist on going on vacation, you must look for cheap vacation spots.

Your vacation goal is only for refreshing from work fatigue. Therefore, your vacation should not add to the burden and financial problems due to not choosing vacation facilities.

You can save money when on vacation by buying flight tickets at promo prices or non-five-star hotels. Don’t force things you can’t do and don’t need to.

3.   Income vs. Spending

One of the healthy financial management characteristics is that the income is always higher than the expense account.

To make spending < income, you cannot waste money only on wants, not needs.

Avoid going into debt to make ends meet every month. Psychologically, the habit of going into debt is also not good since it can cause uneasiness and anxiety feelings.

4.   Bring Lunch

This habit is also one way of how to live more frugal. The principle of “frugal is the base of the rich” can be started from small habits.

For example, you always bring supplies instead of buying food outside at high prices. Bringing supplies is not only saving expenses but also having clearer hygiene and nutrition.

Bring Lunch
Bring Lunch

5.   Shopping Wisely

You certainly prefer shopping in supermarkets rather than shopping in traditional markets. A supermarket with a clean and cool atmosphere makes you comfortable shopping.

They are not only convenient but also have marketing personnel who always attract you to buy something. That is why when you enter the store, your tendency to buy non-necessity goods is higher.

Of course, you must be wise in shopping. You should not be trapped in consumerism that follows your wants.

6.   Purchasing Investment Items

Storing cash is generally more tempting to buy something.

If you feel that you are not strong enough to withstand this temptation, you should divert your liquid funds into goods with high and stable investment values such as gold and land.

Gold and land are examples of investment goods with minimal loss and rarely decline in value, especially land prices.

Purchasing Investment Items
Purchasing Investment Items

7.   Don’t Undercut Change

Many people undermine change. Even though, it can be one way of how to be more frugal. If the change is collected, it can help you increase your daily shopping money.

Or, you can use it when you are in a state of urgency.

Never underestimate the little things, including change. Collect every time you receive change, and you can exchange it later if you have collected a lot.

8.   Applying Simple Lifestyle

With an income of more than 10 million, it does not guarantee that someone will become rich.

This is because rich people are generally more diligent and like to work hard. They also always maintain their income and are selective in shopping.

A simple lifestyle is the most effective way to maintain wealth while implementing a more economical lifestyle.

9.   Discipline in Saving

You can also do a frugal lifestyle by getting used to discipline in saving.

Many people take the wrong steps. For example, they have a desire to be financially secure when they retire from work.

However, they are not disciplined enough to set aside a portion of their income for retirement.

10.   Maintain Health

Maintaining health is also the best tip on how to live more frugal. One way to live frugally is always to maintain health. Then, what is the relationship between health and a frugal lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle will minimize your getting a disease that requires the help of a doctor to treat it.

When you go to the doctor, you will need a lot of expenses. This will affect the number of your expenses; it could even be higher than your income each month.

Preparing for the future must be done as early as possible, including applying tips on how to live more frugal. You never know what the next day will bring. So “prepare an umbrella before it rains” is the best step. Good luck.

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